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Room 2 - Behaviour Stream, brought to you by Greencross Vets Ltd


Session Program
7:15 pm
Aggressive behaviour directed at owners is difficult for many owners to understand.  Better understanding this type of aggressive behaviour, when and why it can be appropriate behaviour and inappropriate behaviour will help you counsel your clients. Treatment and management of the this type of aggressive behaviour is possible. In many cases, appropriate aggressive behaviour is due to unrealistic expectations of the dog and miscommunication between owner and dog. Good advice can result in a happier, less conflicted household.  If a dog's aggressive behaviour is due to an anxiety disorder, proper diagnosis and treatment is often effective.
7:45 pm
When owners and dogs fight... Understanding canine aggression directed at the owner (Part 2)
8:15 pm

No two cases are the same in behavioural medicine. Every patient is an individual and they all have different presentations and concerns, but we put a label (diagnosis) on each case to help us define and classify their presentation. Within each diagnosis there can be many different forms/presentations. This presentation will discuss how I approach fear aggression directed towards unfamiliar people and the differences in response to treatment and prognosis seen with different presentations within this diagnosis.  


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