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Room 1 – Masterclass One, brought to you by Provet & Covetrus


Session Program
7:15 pm
The future of veterinary practice is ‘frictionless’. The challenge was always ensuring patients receive the right preventative care at the right time. Now, we’re switching out the challenge with three takeaway actions to start improving long-term patient care and financial stability. 

Join us as we share insights with you on how to proactively leverage experience economy demands and improve your client relationships and preventative care models. Insights include:

  • Client behaviours and new expectations 
  • Impact of vet practice ‘subscriptions’ in long-term patient care plans 
  • Shifting sales trends and intelligent inventory management 
  • Client experience touchpoints at the practice 
  • The role of vet nurses in developing trust and the client experience 
  • Confidence to get technology to do the heavy lifting for your team 


#VetFest 2020
VetFest 2020
#VetFest 2020