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Room 1 - Small Animal Stream, brought to you by Royal Canin (S2)


Session Program
7:45 pm
Systemic diseases of the dog and cat frequently cause ocular signs.  The basic ocular examination is non-invasive and can be performed with relatively inexpensive equipment. A thorough ocular examination can therefore be a powerful tool for the detection of systemic disease. This presentation discusses some of the ocular manifestations of systemic disease seen in dogs and cats, however is by no means extensive, and many more interesting examples can be found in the primary literature and textbooks!
8:15 pm
Dry eye disease (or keratoconjunctivitis sicca) has traditionally been viewed as only a deficiency in the quantity of tears being produced. With recent advances in diagnostic technology, qualitative tear film deficiency is now being recognised as a superbly under-diagnosed condition in canine patients (and in humans as well!). Qualitative tear film disorders occur when enough tears are produced, but the tear film constituents are poor and so tears can not provide their inherent roles needed to ensure corneal health. 

Join this tear-jerking talk, exploring recent advances in the diagnoses and management of both qualitative and quantitative dry eye disease!


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