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Room 1 - Unusual Pets Stream, brought to you by Medistar


Session Program
7:45 pm
 | How often have you had a guinea pig or rabbit that is not eating, or not producing any droppings?  Whether it is a perioperative complication, or a sudden onset at home with no immediately obvious cause; gut stasis is one of the most common conditions seen in guinea pigs and rabbits.  This condition requires rapid veterinary intervention and can be fatal if not managed appropriately.  If you see guinea pigs or rabbits at your clinic, recognising and managing this condition is crucial to their survival!

8:15 pm
 | My presentation will outline correct cage/aviary design, size and location, enrichment, correct perches with a brief discussion on diet. The aim is to make a positive impact on bird's lives through education and ensuring they are kept in the best possible way. Many times birds are misunderstood and accepted as a 'cheap and easy pet' to keep. Like many exotics, this is simply not the case. Birds are intelligent creatures, requiring owners to take on a more holistic level of care, addressing both appropriate husbandry and nutrition for the species.     Pododermatitis, obesity, hypovitaminosis A, liver disease, reproductive and behavioural problems are some of the most common cases we see in avian practice. Many of these problems are preventable with correct husbandry and nutrition.  A good portion of what I do in avian consults is addressing basic husbandry and nutrition through educating clients. Many owners are surprised when they hear that they could be caring for their birds better and often feel guilty. I hope that after this presentation, GP vets have some basic knowledge to address suboptimal husbandry and nutrition. My dream is that small cages, dowel perches and 100% seed diets are one day a thing of the past.


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