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Fourlimb Surgical Solutions

Fourlimb Surgical Solutions

About Fourlimb Surgical Solutions
At Fourlimb we understand your responsibilities as a veterinarian and strive to make your daily lives just a little bit easier. We want to be there to support you at every stage, from the confident diagnosis and planning of a surgery to the follow-up and returning your patient to pain-free normal function. Over the past seven years we’ve forged partnerships with several international veterinary manufacturers to bring you not only their products, but the knowledge, expertise and advice that goes with them. This includes facilitating training opportunities as well as ongoing support from leading veterinary specialists. We continue to expand that range of products and have at our core, high quality, reliability and innovation. Our commitment also extends to providing more convenient, less expensive and faster direct product delivery. At Fourlimb we aim to stand at the forefront and enjoy providing you with unparalleled support and personalised service. ORTHOMED AND IMEX Fourlimb is committed to supplying the full range of Orthomed products, including implants and instrumentation for the MMP procedure, SOP plates and Ridgestop procedures, to name a few. We also stock the full range of IMEX products, including all of the external fixation products and VetKISS, the worlds smallest veterinary locking plate system. For more info, please visit or get in touch with Kent at or 08 9590 8850 Some other highlights and new products from our range include: ALICAM® - CAPSULE ENDOSCOPY The world’s first veterinary capsule endoscopy unit, ALICAM®. This tiny capsule detects GI disease, is non-invasive and requires no anaesthesia. Finally eliminate the guesswork in GI cases! SURGICAL STAPLERS We are proud to be carrying the entire range of Infiniti Medical surgical staplers, including linear staplers and linear cutter staplers and all the associated reloads. IXOBONE – BONE GRAFT SUBSTITUTE Available as a paste, putty, granules and solid shapes, IXOBONE can spare the increased operative time, trauma and potential complications of harvesting an autologous bone graft. IXOBONE materials are safe, fully biocompatible and have been subjected to extensive and successful clinical studies over many years. NEUROMED Fourlimb is very excited to announce Neuromed, an innovative new division of Orthomed for veterinary neurological care. The Neuromed brand includes: - a new range of neuro instruments - a new range of implants for spinal surgeries - intraoperative illumination products - online educational content - full support from Neuromed's advisory board of specialists CURATO Curato® is a cutting-edge negative pressure wound therapy device with novel features and unique accessories. The unit sets itself apart from other wound therapy devices because it allows the veterinarian to own the device and administer therapy to their patients as needed. Curato® is the first veterinary-only device to offer Curvage® therapy for wounds, allowing the clinician to simultaneously lavage the wound while providing negative pressure wound therapy. The simple to use irrigation system and SlickConnect™ tubing set Curato® a step above the industry standard.
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