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Guild Insurance

Guild Insurance

About Guild Insurance
GUILD INSURANCE For over 20 years, Guild Insurance has partnered with the AVA to protect independent Australian businesses and practicing vets, meaning we offer insurance policies tailored for your profession. By working together with the AVA, we ensure that our insurance options cover the unique needs of small animals, cattle and equine vets, plus anything in between. We also offer a range of services to make sure you’re well prepared and equipped, such as free tools and resources at RiskHQ, our risk management platform accessible at any time for your benefit. Contact our veterinary insurance experts today on 1800 810 213 Psst! Here is week 3 passport code: Guild_VetFest2020mne
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Medical record keeping is unfortunately one of those dreaded risk management topics. Guild Insurance understands that it isn’t the most interesting of topics for veterinarians to spend time thinking and talking about. However, it is incredibly important, and Guild’s claims management experience suggests veterinarians would benefit from learning more about good record keeping.
Receiving a complaint is often an unexpected part of running any business, including a veterinary practice.
Veterinarians would be well aware of their requirements to obtain informed consent from their clients before any procedure takes place. However, Guild Insurance’s vast experience in managing claims made against veterinarians has highlighted that many don’t meet all their informed consent requirements.
Equine pre-purchase examinations (PPE) are commonly conducted by veterinarians because they are essential for people looking to purchase a horse. However, they feature heavily in the veterinary claims managed by Guild Insurance.
Social media is an ever increasing form of communication for many people in both their personal and professional lives. It presents people with many benefits in allowing them to communicate a variety of messages to many people with great speed and efficiency. However, those benefits need to be balanced with the many risks social media presents.
#VetFest 2020
VetFest 2020
#VetFest 2020