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GVP – General Vet Products

GVP – General Vet Products

About GVP – General Vet Products
We are a family owned Australian veterinary wholesaler selling equipment and consumables. Are mission is to provide great products at exceptional prices. At GVP, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative products to make practice better. GVP was the first to introduce TRIO Sting Free Adhesive Remover Spray to the Australian market in 2018. This has revolutionised wound care for patients. GVP can provide you with all of your practice equipment needs from Stainless Steel cages, operating tables, wet prep tables etc to operating lights, patient warmers and diagnostic and surgical instruments. We have a wide range of suture available at the best prices in the veterinary market. The General Vet Products team is led by Dr Peter Brunskill BVSc, who has nearly 30 years in the veterinary industry. His experience as an employee vet, multipractice owner, vet hospital designer and builder and now as a veterinary wholesaler gives unparalleled experience in the veterinary market to help advise you on a wide range of equipment and veterinary practice ideas. Week 3 Code: GGVP_VetFest2020ake2
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GVP – General Vet Products Team


The 800I IV Pump is the best value IV pump on the market. Exclusive to GVP, it can easily be calibrated to any giving set. You are not locked into having to purchase expensive giving sets. We can calibrate the pump for you or do it yourself.
Best priced microchips in Australia. PASSPORT COMPETITION CODE: FREESCANNER
Get 20% off all of our GVP Stainless Steel products, including cages, operating tables, instrument trolleys, exam tables and more. Email: OR phone 1300 838 438 for a quote. Copy the link below to go to the GVP website for Stainless Steel cage options:
Revolutionary new silicon based spray that makes adhesive bandage removal easy & painless, without smell & residue. Does not affect wound healing nor cause pain when sprayed in an open wound. ONE OF THE BEST NEW PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET FOR WOUND MANAGEMENT IN YEARS!
#VetFest 2020
VetFest 2020
#VetFest 2020