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AVA Centenary Week
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    Microchips Australia

    Microchips Australia

    Melbourne, Australia

    About Microchips Australia

    Three veterinarians, Dr's Rick Walduck, Doug Black and David Madill, were responsible for introducing animal microchip identification into Australia. Hence, Microchips Australia, the exclusive distributor of Trovan microchips and readers, was established in 1989 and has a wealth of experience in the area of RFID animal identification. In recent years Varun Uthappa has become a Director of the company and brings with him a wealth of technical knowledge and experience.

    In the companion animal field, Microchips Australia supplies high-quality Trovan implantable microchips and readers to veterinary clinics, councils and animal welfare organisations throughout Australia. These sales are either direct via Microchips Australia's sales department or via a large number of veterinary wholesalers throughout Australia.

    For companion animals, Microchips Australia utilises the services of Central Animal Records, a licensed national animal microchip registry that provides a nationwide animal recovery service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Central Animal Records is Australia's longest-running and foremost nationally accredited companion animal microchip registry. Central Animal Records was the first animal microchip registry to be accredited by the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and Domestic Animal Registries (DAR) - the companion animal registry watchdog that ceased after State companion animal registry licensing was introduced. Central Animal Records is a licensed animal microchip registry under the respective Victorian & Queensland Government companion animal legislations, a prescribed microchip database company for dogs and cats under West Australian legislation, an approved microchip registry under Tasmanian legislation and accepted as an appropriate microchip registry in the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

    Microchips Australia has supplied implantable microchips and reading systems to the vast majority of zoos and wildlife research projects in Australia for use in a large number of species – mammals, fish, birds, reptiles. The implantable transponders we use for zoo, wildlife and research projects are the Trovan Unique microchips. The Trovan Unique microchips are of high-quality European manufacture and are compatible with our many portable and fixed reading systems used for remote monitoring of many different species.

    Additionally, Microchips Australia has supplied microchips and reading systems to provide RFID solutions for a myriad of applications in many different industries.

    Microchips Australia has a wide range of portable, hand-held readers that vary in size, read range, power supply and computer connectivity. Microchips Australia can also supply many different types of fixed antenna/decoder systems for remote monitoring. These systems vary in their antenna design (different shapes and dimensions) and decoder type (computer connectivity, ability to perform additional tasks etc) and can be powered by 240volt or by 12volt batteries that will last for at least 48 hours before recharging is needed or can be supplemented by solar panel recharging. Free software is provided with all readers with computer connectivity and antenna/decoder systems so that animal/item identification/day/date and time data can be transferred via RS232, USB or Bluetooth connectivity (depending on the reader/decoder) to a laptop or other computer in spreadsheet format that can be converted to formats such as Excel. The choice of reading system will depend on the species being researched or item being tracked/managed, the specific requirements of identification within the project, the need and application of the identification data and the type of environment for the project. Microchips Australia can also custom-build reader/antenna systems to suit individual project requirements.

    Other innovations include weigh scale integration, optical beam sensors, mobile network or GPRS modem transfer of data, scheduling software, use of microchip-triggered relays to control access to food, water etc.

    In addition to its wide range of RFID products Microchips Australia is also the exclusive distributor of Petrek 3G GPS Pet Trackers and LiveTrek Stealth and other GPS tracking equipment in Australia.

    Microchips Australia is also the veterinary distributor for Lone Star Retractor Systems, a great surgical retractor system with many uses in veterinary surgery.
    We are passionate about wildlife care and conservation and so, whenever possible we donate RFID equipment and support certain projects aimed at conservation such as:
    Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation
    SAVE African Rhino Foundation
    Bali Myna Conservation Project by the Begawan Foundation

     Cikananga Wildlife Center

    Wanicare Foundation

    We are also equally committed to the support of humanitarian projects focused on social justice especially if those projects involve animal welfare as well. For this reason we are proud to be supporters of the Pets in the Park initiative aimed at delivering free veterinary care for animals owned by homeless or disadvantage people and now operating in most capital cities in Australia.

    We also support other great projects such as the Maningrida animal management in indigenous communities in Northern Territory as well as several other animal welfare and rescue organisations throughout Australia and overseas.

    We feel committed to help others who are selflessly fighting for causes such as those mentioned above to help raise awareness, increase knowledge and hopefully save people and animals that desperately need help. Our only regret is that we are often unable to support many other equally important projects as there are so many in need.

    It is our mission to build on the excellence of our microchip technology by providing our customers with services, support and solutions of an equally high standard.

    Our vision is to be the preferred technology in the Australasian market by providing the highest quality, best value and most reliable microchip technology and support. We will always only select high quality product lines which reflect our ethos of high quality and reliability and our focus on animal welfare and helping to ensure that owners are with their beloved pets for as long as possible.

    Microchips Australia Team