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ServiceVet Technologies

ServiceVet Technologies

About ServiceVet Technologies
ServiceVet Technologies has been working with veterinarians for over 25 years, finding unique solutions for practice problems, and establishing decades long relationships with our client practices. Our J-Ray High Dose Veterinary Laser Systems follows in this tradition, and we are proud to present our J-Ray line of lasers: the J-Ray 30, J-Ray 45 and J-Ray 60, the Most Versatile Veterinary Laser Systems! Our J-Ray 30 will provide these features to help your practice and provide this standard-of-care modality: High Dose Therapy: Up to 15 watts at 810nm and 15 watts at 980nm in a mode to minimize heat and maximum high dosage. Surgery: Diode laser surgery that provides tactile feel by contacting the tissue, cauterizing the blood vessels and the nerves while cutting. Cauterization: Cauterization of blood vessels and ablation of undesired growths, with superior patient & surgeon safety Stimulates Trigger Points and Acupuncture Points: stimulates muscle trigger points, restoration of muscular tonus and balance An Additional Profit Center for your Practice! Our onsite training and expertise will have your exotic/small animal/large animal practice providing high dose laser therapy and offering another surgery option to your patients. Thank You for visiting our virtual booth to learn more, and let's schedule an onsite visit so you can experience our J-Ray! Good Luck in the Passport Competition! For Week 3, our code is SVT_VetFest2020kng6
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Please "take one" to learn about our J-Ray, in hopes you will schedule an onsite visit to experience the J-Ray's photonic energy!
#VetFest 2020
VetFest 2020
#VetFest 2020