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SWEET GOODBYE -                                 CARE CRADLE®


Sweet Goodbye is an award-winning Australian company, recognised for its innovative, eco-friendly pet burial and cremation solutions, tailor-made for veterinarians helping pet owners to face the loss of a beloved pet. Our kits help vet practices from a practical and emotional perspective to better manage end of life services. They offer comfort at a difficult time and ensure your clients’ cherished companions transition with the utmost of grace, respect and dignity.

The CARE CRADLE® comprises a sturdy, 100% biodegradable, premium textile ‘cradle,’ capable of carrying considerable weight and an inner, high quality, beautifully-patterned, pet wrap with a moisture management system that keeps deceased pets snugly wrapped for transport to their final resting place (whether burial or cremation). The pet wrap can be detached, washed and re-used - a great alternative to undesirable plastic ‘body bags’ and sheets. Available in various sizes suitable for all breeds of dogs, cats and other animals, it eases the emotional stress faced by both pet owners and vet teams when it’s time to say goodbye to much-loved animal friends. Sweet Goodbye’s pet products have been designed and tested in consultation with Vets and other animal care professionals. Whether euthanasia takes place in your clinics or at your client’s homes, noted Veterinarian and Media Presenter, Dr. Katrina Warren believes “The Sweet Goodbye CARE CRADLE® is a Game Changer for Vets.“

TESTIMONIALS - Customer Reviews
"Hugely comforting during a difficult time… Our experience was a much gentler transition."
"I felt like I was giving him a proper burial."
"High quality material that is very comforting when burying your pet. I am so thankful! Well worth the price!"
"This product is beautifully made and sturdy. It was a fitting shroud for my pet... cover is well put together and easy to carry to a final resting place."
"Well made, thoughtful product. 5 star rating, made a very heartbreaking time bearable!!! Handles are strong."
"We decided to buy it and couldn’t be happier. We totally recommend it."

Sweet Goodbye donates part of all proceeds to charities committed to animal welfare. The CARE CRADLE® is an Australian designed product for Veterinary practices, manufactured and distributed by Sweet Goodbye Pty Ltd

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