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Vetnex Pet Care

Vetnex Pet Care

About Vetnex Pet Care
Vetnex is about natural animal health care! We dedicate to research, development and supply of premium-quality, innovative and evidence-based natural animal care products to be used by vets and pet owners. Natural, Innovative & Quality are our principles. We are focusing on 4 primary areas: Oral & Dental Care, Bone & Joint Care, Skin & Coat Care, Nutrition Care. The natural concept of Vetnex is well accepted by our customers, but we step further to apply pharmaceutical standard to our products to support the product use by veterinarians:  Efficacy: our products are evidence based, supported by science/clinical trials, with quantified active ingredients for accurate prescribing.  Quality: our products are made in Australia to the APVMA GMP standard.  Safety: we use only premium quality natural ingredients, and our products are tested for active ingredients, microbial and heavy metals according to veterinary medicine standards.  Labelling: all products are labelled professionally to suit veterinarian use. With the dental month around the corner, we are running a Dental Month Starter Pack promotion exclusively offered to vets/vet clinics for the Ascophyllum nodosum dental range. The offer consists of a ‘Buy 6 Pay 3’ deal (50% off the wholesale price), free shipping, hardcopy dental pamphlets for dental bags and unlimited support. For Starter Pack order form or any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime by email:
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Product information of Vetnex Ascophyllum nodosum dental chews and dental powders including clinical evidence, flavour choice/palatability, rotation use for longer-term dental health program.
Consumer information of ingredient and product features of Vetnex Ascophyllum nodosum dental range, benefits and direction for use (e.g. individual product use or rotation use as part of a longer-term dental heath management program).
Example labels of the Vetnex Ascophyllum nodosum dental powder and dental chew.
Vetnex brand, therapeutic areas and products.
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