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Vets1Laser from Vetsone

Vets1Laser from Vetsone

Shellharbour, NSW, Australia
About Vets1Laser from Vetsone
VETSONE is a Veterinary business solutions company based in Australia for nearly 30 years. The company is entirely Australian owned by Veterinary practitioners working actively in the profession. Our mission is to use our experience with technology to promote and provide benefits to the profession at an affordable price for Australian Practitioners. Vets1Laser is our Class 4 Laser Therapy device for treating all types of inflammatory and traumatic injury conditions in all sized animals. The Vets1Laser has a maximum output of 30W making it the most powerful Class 4 Laser in its price range. Adding the Vets1Laser to your clinical tools will improve all healing processes at a very affordable cost to the Client. The Vets1Laser can even be used for minor and advanced surgical procedures with optional accessories, so you can do all of this with the one affordable device. We use the Vets1Laser almost daily in our own Clinic so we are uniquely placed to help you introduce this exciting treatment modality to your regular protocols for inflammation and injury in all types of animals you may be treating. We hope that you will spend time viewing our Exhibit during this Virtual Conference and look forward to discussing the Vets1Laser with you.
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We outline the AFFORDABLE pricing of the VETS1LASER and invite you to call us to discuss the VETS1LASER with us in more detail.
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VetFest 2020
#VetFest 2020