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Body Language Communication - At least look like you are listening

Talk Overview
The future is steaming ahead on a track of continued digital innovation, but ‘mind the gap’! Between you and the fast moving juggernaut of change is the ever-present need to handle animals, handle owners and get your message across the widening chasm of widening emotional disconnection. And, like a chrysalis, you have the opportunity to evolve.

Most people could not recognise their own voice in a crowd, have no inkling of how it is produced and are bewildered by the thought of changing it. Yet, voice is a choice and together with body language these two are the keystones in the world of handling emotional situations.
In this session Dr Mahler will draw on her extensive PhD research and career in opera to identify your seven blockages to full presence and influence and show you how the process of unblocking them works. Her energy and enthusiasm for her topic is presented with palpable expertise and large doses of humour, energising you to achieve things you never thought you could and come out better for the experience. 
Be prepared to engage and you will build new skills, be challenged and involved, and enjoy every moment.

*Note: Due to the speakers contract, this talk will not be available on-demand


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