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How to Wire Your Brain for Success with Neuroscience-made-easy! (Part 2)

Talk Description

  When Dr. Rod Irwin purchased his veterinary clinic, he soon discovered it was making a loss. With no training in business management, he plunged on, but eight years later he was over one million dollars in debt. It nearly killed him—crippling anxiety, mind-numbing insomnia, even a near death experience.
By chance he was given a book which changed his life. Rod discovered how to use neuroscience and positive psychology to “wire his brain for success”. When he applied this little-known science to his business, it totally changed everything: happy clients, a highly motivated team, a 712% jump in profits. He created the business life of his dreams, and it totally transformed his life—to one of calmness, confidence, and a love of living. 

In this presentation he will briefly relate his backstory, outline how your brain works, and then describe The 12 Keys to Wire Your Brain for Success—all based on neuroscience. His goal is to help professionals optimise their thinking and emotions, create the business life of their dreams, and live a life they love! 


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