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Oral pain control - a holistic approach

Talk Description
 | An anatomical review of nerve supply to the head, oral cavity and dentition, giving consideration to the specific concerns associated with certain breeds and skull types.  An overview of equipment options.  Review of generalised pain control measures  and how and when to apply them.  A  description of regional nerve blocks for the oral cavity and oromaxillofacial surgery cases. How to identify landmarks for successful application along with a clear description of associated risks and benefits.   Available local anaesthetics and their application along with up to date information on multimodal pain control.Including literature based review of current thinking in anaesthesia.  The aim for practitioners attending will be to achieve a clear understanding of the pain control options currently available and how and when to apply them for different animals, with different diseases and variances in anatomy.  Practitioners should leave with a good comprehension of the benefits of regional anaesthesia  and how to apply theses in general practice.


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