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Tibetan tantric meditation and healing practices - latest research, guided meditation (Part 1)

Talk Overview
Vajrayana (Tibetan) meditation techniques include mindfulness practices, but also tantric meditations, often as healing practices. Most research and western cultural understandings of meditation are based on mindfulness practices. This paper reviews the difference between mindfulness and tantric meditations, and how they differ in practice, in their effects on the autonomic nervous system, on the brain, the mind and wellbeing. It then summarises the latest research on neuro-immunology and mind-body therapies (MBT) to outline the mechanisms by which meditation improves health, wellbeing and immunity  Participants will be guided in non-sectarian meditations to form an experiential understanding of the different meditation practices, and how they might be used in everyday life to improve wellbeing, immunity, and enhance recovery from sickness and injury. Finally, comments will be offered on how this could be applied to our veterinary patients.
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#VetFest 2020
VetFest 2020
#VetFest 2020